Why this forum?

Over the past few years RVs (recreational vehicles) have undergone an incredible transformation. Once a simple means to travel and camp and outfitted with a few rudimentary creature comforts, they’ve evolved into sophisticated machines, with slide outs, DVD players, ice makers and a host of other features designed to provide all the comforts of home. Some pop-up campers (folding camping trailers) even have on-board refrigerators, showers, and microwaves.
Editor’s Note: For those who may not be familiar with recreational vehicles, a resource page is available on our website that explains the different types of RVs . Click Here

The RV landscape is ever-changing. New technology is introduced at an almost dizzying pace, manufacturers face new challenges in a changing marketplace, fuel prices seem eternally volatile, economic challenges abound for the average consumer, yet there is a constituency of RV enthusiasts that continue to find great benefit in all that the RV lifestyle offers, like spending more time with the family, a more economical way to vacation, exploring new places with old friends, to name just a few.

In the nearly 50 years since Media Camping Center was founded we have become experts at what we do, but we also realize that through our interaction with our customers we learn even more. And so for that reason this forum is here, to expand our contact with RVers in this information age and by encouraging you the reader, to add your comments, tips, and suggestions so that all can benefit from your experience, and we will get even better at what we do.